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Items Specification Quantity Correction
Hygrometer (0 ~ 98) % 1
Voltage regulator
- AC (0 ~ 250) V
- Rated capacity is 3 kVA 1
Automatic voltage
Rated capacity 15 kVA 1 1
Sensitivity tester 1. Sensitivity test equipment is as follows
◎ Optical base
  Effective test distance between the detector attachment base and the fire source: (80 ~ 900) cm
◎ Detector attachment base
  Detector can be installed on the attachment plate moving forward and backward (x-axis), left and right (y-axis), up and down (z-axis) and on the z axis rotating left and right(r-axis)   -Works independently for each axis
  The r axis can be rotated forward and backward, and by 5 degrees.
◎ Combustion unit
  -It consists of cylinder, LPG, micro-burner and cylindrical cooling structure.
◎ Flame control unit
  -Function to change some length of the cylinder
◎ Chopper part
  -Two wings
◎ Monitor section
  -Ultraviolet sensor (using UV counter) and visible light,
    An apparatus that installs infrared sensors (using R-II type radiometer) at a certain distance
◎ Control board
  -Detector attachment base controller, gas flow controller, chopper controller, sensor measurement instrument for monitoring, receiver, power supply, etc.   -Gas flowmeter: (10 ~ 50)
     Adjustable to SCCM (Standard Cubic centimeter per minute)
  -Number of rotations of the chopper: variable from (1 to 20) rpm
2. One that can be tested according to the provisions of Article 19-2 of the type approval standard
Shockwave withstand
voltage tester
External facility use 1 KFI facility use
The ceiling is more than 1.2m away from the top of the sensitivity tester. 1 place Our laboratory
Cooling fans 2
Thermometer room temperature can be measured 1
(-20 ~ 180) °C measurement possible (minimum unit 0.1 ℃) 1 If one has the functions of indication thermometer and anemometer the one can used.
Anemometer (0 to 5) m/s measurement possible (minimum unit 0.1 m/s) 1
Vibration tester External facility use 1 KFI facility use
Impact tester Wood board with thickness 20mm, width 300mm, length 500mm and the stee; ball of 0.54kg, and 51mm diameter 1
Impact Voltage Tester External facility use 1 KFI facility use
Motion indicator One that can indicate whether the detector is working or not 1
Vernier caliper (0 to 150) mm or more (minimum unit: 0.05 mm or less) 1
Stopwatch 60-second system 1
Micrometer (0 to 25) mm or more (minimum unit: 0.01 mm or less) 1
Megger DC 500V 1
Dielectric strength tester (0 to 3000) V (with 1 minute timer) 1
Digital multimeter AC, DC, V, mA, Ω (minimum unit 0.1 or more) 1
AC voltage ammeter 0.5 grade 1 Replace with a separate digital multimeter
DC voltage ammeter 0.5 grade 1
Rectifier DC (0 ~ 30) V, (0 ~ 5) A 1
Repeating tester The operation of the detector can be repeatedly tested 1,000 times or more. 1
Thermo-hygrostat -Constant temperature: (-40 ~ 150) ℃ (minimum unit 1 ℃ or less)
Humidity: (40 ~ 98)% (minimum unit: 1% or less)
Corrosion test equipment External facility use 1 KFI facility use