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Infrared/ultraviolet (IR3 / UV) digital flame detector

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Ultra-small Digital Infrared Three-wavelength Flame Detector
State-of-the-art technology that improved dramatically the alarms for non-fire situations
The effective sensing distance sensitivity can be maintained as it is from the energy source emitting flame-like energy.

- Stylish design
- Weight : 430g
- Size : Diameter 64mm / Length 50mm

Test subject for the alarms
for non-fire situations
Specification Test distance & condition Number of detection for non-alarm situations
/ Total number of test samples
Electric stove 800W, 970kcal/h 1~3m
Human body walking round, artificial flicker
0 units /80 units
Rotary gas heater LNG, 9700kcal/h 7m
Human body walking round, artificial flicker
0 units /80 units
Halogen lamp without the front window 24W Proximity Distance
Detector window Close-up for 30 seconds
0 units /80 units
Co2 electric welding machine 60A more than 10m
over 2~30 seconds continuously outdoors
0 units /80 units
Human body 1m
Human hand signal, artificial flicker
0 units /80 units

Sample Detector: 50m 90° waterproof IR3 ※ Our test value standard

Key Technologies and Features

- Artificial intelligent flame detector with anti-false alarm algorithm
- Fast accurate fire detection
- Excluding alarms for non-fire situations such as hot body, arc welding, halogen lamp, sunlight, etc.
- Long-distance fire monitoring (effective detection distance 40m)
- A reasonable economic price
- Unlike existing UV/IR, it uses 3 IR sensors to exclude false alarms
- Specialized in special environment (high temperature / high heat, etc.)
- Sensible interior design
- Adopt the latest digital infrared 3 wavelength sensor/UV sensor
- Application of 4Layer optimized PCB design technology
- Application of electric noise minimization technology
- Communication interface (RS-485 optional)

Main Specifications

General Kind Flame Detector (IR3)
Type DC24V
Ordinary type, reusable type, indoor/outdoor type, infrared type, waterproof type
Viewing angle 90° Cone, effective detection distance 40m
Model IRT-110-K
Enclosure Material Aluminum Anodizing
Color Black
DC24V ±20% (19.2t~28.8V)
Current Standby 40mA
when sensing, 50mA
Contact output ON/OFF
Communication port RS-485/4~20mA (optional)
-40℃ ~ +85℃
Operating Humidity 0 ~ 95%
Installation place Interior / exterior of the building
Other Specifications Size Diameter 64mm / Length 50mm
Weight 430g
Detection window Sapphire

Where to a

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Industry, power plant, cultural property, gymnasium, temple, performance hall, ship, government office, high-rise building, military facility, hangar, barn and etc

Product Images

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